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    Affordable And Budget-Friendly Removalists In Sydney

    Are you looking for high-quality removals and storage services at the most reasonable rates in Sydney? Don’t worry. At Move It Mate, we pride ourselves on offering budget-friendly bespoke removals packages for Removalist services at low prices. We are Sydney-based movers committed to providing the best removalists services to our customers.

    We want to go above and above for you by offering the greatest cost-effective removalists and movers in Sydney. We are long-term, reputable and honest cheap removalists who care for the little details to guarantee a hassle-free moving experience.

    Move it Mate is the most trusted and experienced house removals and movers in Sydney, with years of expertise delivering outstanding results to our clients.

    Move It Mate is the best removalist in Sydney, and our skilled movers take care of all aspects of your relocation. We provide a comprehensive door-to-door service, with everything from packing to unpacking.

    Each moving team has years of expertise and is well-equipped with all of the necessary protective moving equipment to deliver a first-rate job you’d expect from Sydney’s best – which is completed safely and without drama.

    Move It Mate Removals has the highest customer satisfaction rating among movers in Sydney. We have the highest star ratings on product review platforms such as Google Reviews, ProductReview, and FindAMover; from tens of pleased clients.

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    Are you searching for cost-effective removalists in Sydney to assist with your next move?

    Move it Mate is Sydney’s most popular removalists service, with a reputation for providing hassle-free moving services. So let us make your moving experience easy and hassle-free. We provide the following benefits to our customers:

    Experience The Move It Mate Difference

    No Hidden charges

    No secrets and complete transparency in our prices. You can calculate the service cost with our fare calculator before hiring us.

    Experienced and Trained Removalists

    Our professional staff will take extra care of your belongings. So sit back, relax and have the best moving experience.

    100% Australia owned and operated

    You are dealing with a 100% Australian company. We operate and provide services within entire Australia.

    Simple & Comprehensive Quote

    You ask for a quote, you receive a quote. Our comprehensive quote considers every aspect of your moving- from the carriage to distance, and even pets!

    We can Beat the Price

    Hire the best removalists in Australia with the most affordable prices. We provide the best services at the cheapest rates!

    100% Stress free removals service

    No matter the volume, you can trust us with your moving. So moving glassware, crockery, or wooden furniture, call us and forget about it!

    Furniture removalist company you can trust

    No matter the volume, you can trust us with your moving. So moving glassware, crockery, or wooden furniture, call us and forget about it!

    Compassionate solutions team

    We listen to your needs, follow your instructions, and care for your belongings as our own.

    Why Should You Hire Move It Mate As Your #1 Removalists in Sydney?

    We understand how stressful it may be to moving to a new home or workplace. You’ll need numerous preparations made, which might put you off at times. For your moving requirements in Sydney, you may always count on Move it Mate for affordable, professional movers.

    • We provide bespoke moving services and think that each customer is unique, and we don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to everyone.
    • We deliver the highest quality removalist services in Sydney, such as office removals, house removals, industrial removals, and furniture removals. We do it quickly and cheaply.
    • We handle and pack your valuables with care. To minimise the risk of damage while transporting televisions and microwaves, they are always packed in double boxes and encased in bubble wraps/ high quality blankets.
    • Our skilled and professional crew members make furniture delivery simple by taking care of packing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and assembling your items if necessary, giving you a worry-free and overwhelming experience.
    • We know all of the most popular moving and travelling routes in Australia, and we keep your products on time so you may use that money and time to help your family and job.
    • We have a variety of well-equipped vehicles that can fulfil any transportation need, including furniture, antique goods, piano tables, pool tables, office furnishings, Computers and office assets. We provide you with a one-stop-shop for all your moving requirements.
    • We provide a wide range of flexible insurance alternatives to ensure that the entire moving process runs smoothly and that you are compensated in the event of an accident or damage.

    Move It Mate – Removalists in Sydney Are Dependable, Reliable and Trusted

    Removalists for movers in Sydney have used many years of expertise in the moving industry to make the moving process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our clients have developed a relationship with us through our professional demeanour and attention to detail, which has earned them the title of best house movers in Sydney.

    We’re the only affordable removalists in Sydney that consistently provides exceptional service and care. Every reason to be proud of being the finest removalists in Sydney is thanks to our commitment and dedicated staff.

    All of our trucks are equipped with solid-surface equipment, ensuring a smooth ride for your goods. We want to provide customers with excellent value for money while assisting Sydneysiders move. Public liability and transit insurance cover all of your products.

    With Move It Mate Removalists Sydney, you may have your entire house move taken care of.

    Packers and Movers for Long Distance Moves

    Our recommended Sydney movers and packers company is prepared and able to transport you at any time, day or night, anywhere in the world. That means we can take care of you if you want to relocate quickly or over the weekend. Our moving trucks are capable of carrying loads up to 150 kilos in weight.

    Our movers are experienced in handling delicate things like jewelry, collectibles, and valuables as well as priceless belongings like antiques and works of art. Large things are wrapped in sturdy plastic shrink wrap and cushioned with felt moving blankets for the trip.

    Once your goods & belongings are loaded, they stay on our truck until we reach your destination – minimising double handling hazards and ensuring that everything arrives intact.

    When you consider our unlimited free packing materials, free disassembly and reassembly of all your belongings and customer loyalty program, which makes us by a significant margin the finest removalists in Sydney and Parramatta, moving with us is a simple choice.

    Country Moves with Move It Mate Removalists Sydney

    As being recognised as one of Sydney’s finest moving companies, we are the top local removalists, and we are ready to work on country moves for all types of relocations.

    While some cheap Sydney removalists choose not to provide services for families living in country areas, we are happy to offer our premium home moving services to country residents.

    With Care and Attention, Your Valuable or Small Removals Are Handled

    There are numerous things that need particular attention when relocating. You want to be able to transport these important items with confidence, knowing that the finest removalists Sydney will handle them with care.

    Pianos and other musical instruments, sound equipment, antiques, huge mirrors, fine china, glassware, and even fish tanks all require special care. We have properly educated our staff in the essentials of valuables care and handling, and they are the finest small item and furniture removalists in the market. Our storage and packing systems are also built to protect your belongings from any surprises during the move.

    Secure Facilities For Storage

    Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, you may need to store your things and valuables. Our storage partners will assist you with storing your stuff at convenient locations and reasonable rates. We strive to meet all of our customers’ demands, which is why they refer us as the finest movers in Parramatta.

    End of lease cleaning service, or post moving cleaning service

    It’s a difficult experience to relocate. Whether you’re moving just a few miles or across the nation, there appear to be hundreds of things to accomplish from changing your address to using the finest removalist service.

    One of the most annoying aspects is cleaning, which is the last thing you want to do before leaving. Our movers and packers handle the moving process, while our cleaning service takes care of all of your responsibilities. To schedule your move out cleaning service, contact us now.

    Make your next move as easy as ABC by using the best removalist business in Sydney.

    We are the cheap removalists in Sydney you’ve been searching for, wherever you’re thinking about relocating. We also offer a wide range of services so that we may help with every aspect of your relocation from packing to unpacking and transport. You can trust us to take good care of your belongings during your move.

    Choose Expert Sydney Movers Like Move It Mate For Help Moving Within Sydney

    Depending on where your pickup and drop-off are, moving around in Sydney and the surrounding areas will vary. Sydney has been dubbed the “accidental city,” which is well deserved given the sprawl and absence of a cohesive road network.

    Since the Olympic Games in Sydney in 2000, a rapidly changing environment has been typical. Since then, we haven’t looked back. A recent spate of development has produced entirely new areas and suburbs all across our lovely metropolis.

    New zoning has resulted in a fast increase in density, and new apartment buildings and developments include innovative modern facilities that purchasers and renters are looking for. The city’s infrastructure is undergoing a major transformation, with light rail, railway, road, and airport projects improving the flow of people and goods in all directions.

    But, as much as the bigger city grows, it will always be focused around the incredible harbour and Sydney’s waterfront, which is loved by both locals and tourists.

    Things to Consider For Your Local Sydney Move

    We provide a comprehensive selection of Sydney removal services and vehicles to meet the demands of all of our clients. We have the skilled personnel and versatile fleet to handle everything, from moving a small motor vehicle in the west to loading several things of furniture in the east.

    Our skilled Sydney movers are meticulous, carefully protecting and caring for your valuables throughout the move. We provide expert moving teams and removals vehicles for detached residences as well as tight apartment relocations. Your dedicated Move Coordinator will collaborate with you to guarantee a smooth move, and we promise the finest experience feasible for our customers.

    You’ll want to consider parking for the removalist truck as close to your front door as possible. Reducing the carting time of furniture from your home to the truck can significantly reduce the length of time on your move. With all boxes packed and as much furniture as possible ready to be dismantled, the quickest time throughout the move will be ensured.

    On the day of your move, our Sydney removalists will bring all equipment with them and please keep an eye on any fragile or sensitive items during the first inspection. If you’re moving, your move manager will inform you about the route they’ll take to deliver your stuff and whether any toll roads were taken with your consent.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Do you have adequate moving trucks for offices?

    Yes, we have an adequate fleet of moving trucks.

    Do you have an extra storage facility?

    Yes, we can arrange storage facilities for you. Please always inform us in advance to avail storage services.

    Can I get a bundled service of moving and cleaning before moving in and out?

    You can get a quote for both cleaning and moving services. We have a cleaning partner that provides cleaning services like move-in, move-out, etc.

    How is Move It Mate operating under COVID-19 protocol?

    We are now using COVID-19 verification. We offer only a contactless service. This entails extra procedures for movers and clients to minimise the chance of COVID-19 transmission.

    What is the hourly rate for Removalists?

    Sydney Relocation Services in the same city range from $120 to $200 per hour. The cost of relocating a large family home varies considerably from that of relocating a 1-bedroom apartment, for example. This is due to the fact that rates vary depending on the service requested and the number of items being relocated.

    The smaller the truck, generally, the less expensive the hourly rate. Be cautious of moving companies that offer significantly reduced rates; they're likely to charge hidden costs and may not provide essential services such as adequate insurance or skilled movers.

    How do I find the best removalist?

    When looking for the best Sydney removalist like Move It Mate, it's important to consider the following factors:

    • The size and scope of your move
    • The distance of your move
    • The amount of furniture and belongings you need to move
    • The type of removalist service you need (e.g. local, interstate, or international)
    • Your budget
    • Your preference for how you want your move to be planned

    How do I get a quote from the best removalists?

    Do NOT go with the cheapest quote. The cheapest quote is not always the best option. You should assess each removalist's price and service package to see which provides the most value for money, rather than looking for the least expensive option.
    At Move It Mate - as your trusted moving company in Sydney, we provide a simple and easy way to get prices in your Sydney service area. Simply go to, enter your details, and have quotes sent directly to you within minutes! It's that easy!

    Is the price inclusive of GST?

    Yes, all of our prices are GST inclusive.

    What Happens If The Truck Breaks Down While Moving?

    If a truck breaks down during the move, Move It Mate will replace it and have another one of our many trucks & removalists deliver it. We do not charge any extra or late fees to you, the client.

    Do I need to empty drawers and cabinets before moving them?

    It's a good idea to empty all of your cabinets and drawers before moving them. Items may need to be turned upside down or on their sides during transport. We can take care of it; it just might take a little longer, since the drawers may need to be removed or cleared out, depending on the weight and fragility of the item.

    How do you handle precious and delicate items?

    We will take the utmost care of your treasured and valuable assets, whether they are worth money or only sentimental value. These goods will be wrapped and cushioned in industrial strength bubble wrap before being packed for you. Then, depending on the size of the item, it will be either wrapped in felt blankets and then securely strapped and supported in the truck whilst the move is being carried out.

    What if my items or belongings are damaged during the move?

    Although we provide industry-leading training and all of the necessary equipment, accidents can still occur. We'll repair, replace, or refund you if something goes wrong while our movers are handling your items or during transit in our vehicle.

    How do I prepare my fridge for moving?

    Remove all of the contents and transfer them to eskies or boxes. Then give the insides a thorough cleaning, leaving the fridge unplugged with the doors open to dry out. This will help prevent any mould from forming.

    Does Move It Mate provide after hours or weekend removals?

    Yes, we are available at all times, including on public holidays! In reality, the majority of our local transfers are completed on weekends. We also do a lot of our office moves during the week and over the weekend. It is entirely up to you when we transport your items, but hurry before we are fully booked out.

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