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    Moving your belongings from one door to another shouldn’t be stressful for you. But, understandably, you would worry about the safety of your precious belongings and would dread if they get damaged due to minor inconveniences like lack of machines and skills.


    Although Australia is the smallest continent, it could be a task to move the heavy possessions. Therefore, it’s wise to choose interstate removalists. Whether you want to move to Melbourne, Victoria, or Sydney, the movers of Move It Mate will offer reliable service. Besides, the removalist prices in Melbourne and other places vary but are pretty budget-friendly.

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    Benefits of hiring removalists

    Our removalists understand the feelings attached to our customer’s belongings. Therefore, their duty is o deliver the goods safely and ensure the clients’ preferences. Besides, the experts have a lot to offer at affordable interstate removalists costs.

    Experience The Move It Mate Difference

    No Hidden charges

    No secrets and complete transparency in our prices. You can calculate the service cost with our fare calculator before hiring us.

    Experienced and Trained Removalists

    Our professional staff will take extra care of your belongings. So sit back, relax and have the best moving experience.

    100% Australia owned and operated

    You are dealing with a 100% Australian company. We operate and provide services within entire Australia.

    Simple & Comprehensive Quote

    You ask for a quote, you receive a quote. Our comprehensive quote considers every aspect of your moving- from the carriage to distance, and even pets!

    We can Beat the Price

    Hire the best removalists in Australia with the most affordable prices. We provide the best services at the cheapest rates!

    100% Stress free removals service

    No matter the volume, you can trust us with your moving. So moving glassware, crockery, or wooden furniture, call us and forget about it!

    Furniture removalist company you can trust

    No matter the volume, you can trust us with your moving. So moving glassware, crockery, or wooden furniture, call us and forget about it!

    Compassionate solutions team

    We listen to your needs, follow your instructions, and care for your belongings as our own.

    Why choose the services of Move It Mate?

    Every client needs the movers to understand the worth of their goods and chattels. Our expert movers know that your belongings are valuable treasures. Hence, we take utmost precautions while moving your goods from one point to another.

    People have vouched for our services because we have always put in our best effort to transport your deliveries on time, without any harm, at any place in Australia.

    Besides, the cost of our services is economical and budget-friendly. So if you need to check the price of our service, you can use the removalist cost calculator. Besides, we have more to contribute.

    • In-depth Experience: You don’t have to take up the risk of moving valuables from one place to another. The trained staff at Move It Mate will help you in delivering your belongings quickly. They have appropriate expertise, location knowledge, dedication, and equipment to provide a quality service to various regions in Australia.
    • Timely and safe delivery: The removalists in our company sincerely recognise and respect the significance of your goods. Hence, they inspect the goods beforehand to ensure proper usage of required tools and equipment. Besides, they pay utmost attention to the interests during travelling, to prevent any harm. They make sure to arrive and deliver on time.
    • Insurance cover: The complete moving, packing, and delivering method is pulled out under decided rules and regulations. Although rare, your belongings may get misplaced or damaged. We understand the inconvenience and advise you to have insurance coverage on your list. Because then, you can collect money for any damage incurred by the removalists.
    • Cost-efficient: You may think that transporting goods from one place to another by professionals is a costly affair. However, it’s untrue because it saves you from the injury risk and goods’ damage. Besides, if you’re unsure, consider checking the interstate removals online quote on our website.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    At which locations do we provide Interstate removalists?

    We are available at your service in Australia. You call us, and we'll provide you with the details about the further steps.

    What is the cost of Interstate removalists NSW to Victoria?

    The cost of interstate service depends on various elements like the range of work, location, the tools used, labour, and more. You can freely call us to inquire or use the removalist cost estimator.

    How long will it take to move your goods?

    The time taken for movement and delivery of goods depends on distance, accessibility to lift, stairs, parking, and more.

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